SEM Services

SEM Consultants in Barcelona and London

SEM or search engine marketing is the other side of the coin. When we talk about SEM we usually think about PPC or paid per click marketing. PPC is basically traffic on tap, you hit the lever and watch the traffic pour in!

I can setup your Google Adwords campaign to be profitable and give you excellent return on investment or ROI. I will study your competitors, use their keywords and fine tune your Adwords account so you’ll be profitable.

As an accomplished search engine marketing consultant I know exactly how to get you noticed online. With formidable competition for those top search engine listings, it’s vital to work with Internet marketing professionals.

It is very easy to waste money on Pay per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) if you don’t know what you’re doing. And if you use the wrong keyword phrases, your daily budget will soon be depleted with nothing to show for your efforts.

As an experienced AdWords and SEO consultant I can help you with the following:

Generate profit at less cost
Increase sales and opportunities
Grow your website presence fast
Achieve long term rankings
Attract customers searching for your business

Whether you want consultancy on how to run a profitable PPC campaign, outsource AdWords management or use an SEO professional, my range of search engine marketing services make it easy. Contact me for all your SEM needs