Google News Service

Welcome to our Google News Service. We all no how important it is to get our business or website’s message out in the open. If nobody knows who we are, how are we ever going to get those leads generated or those precious back links that will bring in the traffic.

Let’s face it, without traffic, our business is dead. That traffic could come in the form of visitors to your online store, blog or website or even a phone call to your place of business.

We have created a service that fills this gap with quality exposure for your website or offline business.

We will feature any business whether online or offline in Google News!

We have helped hundreds of private, small and large corporations get their message out there in Google News and gain a boost in the SERPs or generate fully qualified leads in a very short time.

Google for BIG exposure

That’s right, Google is very big and with our strategy, will provide ample exposure for your business while providing valuable links that are usually indexed in a matter of days.

For instant exposure of your website or place of business please use our contact form and choose the option “Google News Service“. We’ll get back to you straight away and tell you how to proceed.