My name’s Stephen Tizzard and I’m in the business of SEO & SEM as well as Internet Marketing or IM in general for around 8 years now. I make it my business to get your online or offline business ranked and to stay ranked.

I specialize in SEO or search engine optimization and help make clients’ websites reach their goals and targets. Nowadays it is getting harder and harder to rank on the first page of Google and this is where I come in.

SEM or search engine marketing is a different game altogether as it is paid advertising whether using Google’s Adwords, Bing, Yahoo or one of the many other PPC platforms out there as well as Media Buying.

Let’s face it, driving traffic to your website is crucial. If you have no traffic, especially qualified traffic, you get no leads and you get no sales. You may as well give up. You may have the best looking blog or website out there but if┬ánobody visits your site, then what’s the point?

I can help you with any of the above – just contact me for details.