SEO Services

SEO Consultants in Barcelona and London

I am an SEO expert that specializes in all aspects of search engine optimisation. My SEO services and packages are designed to increase your search engine rankings throughout the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

A lot of individuals and companies start to optimize their sites without the help of a SEO professional or SEO agency. That may be fine, but if you do not fully  understand how search engine optimisation works, do-it-yourself SEO can lead to mistakes that may cost you dearly. With the valuable SEO marketing experience that I have gained, I can help my clients whether they are companies or individuals to help improve website visibility, and increase their return on investment or ROI.

SEO services include:

Full service search engine optimisation

SEO Consulting

SEO Copy writing and article marketing

Ethical Link Building Services

Social Networking Services

Why Hire a SEO Specialist?

Intelligent entrepreneurs and businessmen know that search engines such as Google are the primary way Internet users find businesses and information on the Internet today. They also take into account that if their websites are not optimized for the major search engines, the chance of growing their business along with a flourishing customer base is greatly reduced.

All major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use what we call “bots” or “spiders” to crawl the many pages on the Internet. After the pages are crawled by these automated programs, what they find is then indexed and stored on large databases.

Therefore, when a query or keyword is entered into the search engine, the search engine’s algorithm determines which results are most relevant. The findings are then displayed to the user from the most relevant and important down to the least relevant and important.

The world of SEO is pretty involved and intricate as there are a lot of different internal and external variables to take into consideration. The SEO learning curve consumes a lot of time and can be at times a very frustrating experience. Why expend time and resources trying to figure it out when you can hire an SEO expert to do it for you. I will take all the guessing out of promoting a website  and gives your business a real chance to make it out there on the Internet.

I will also help you establish your SEO & SEM objectives, plan a Social Media campaign, execute your plan and/or measure the effectivenes of your own Social Media efforts. Contact me for a meeting to discuss all your campaign needs and requirements.